Costume Corner: Mario

Welcome to another edition of Costume Corner. This time around in honor of March 10th aka MAR10 day I present to you the plumber himself, Super Mario. Gear Used and Explanation I originally made this costume years ago and first showcased it on Wizard101 Central but this is the first time featuring it on my […]


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Dream Journal Page 8.

From what I remember of it I started out in a house when I noticed something was off. I soon discovered that the people I was sitting down with at the table were actually robots in disguise. Discovering that, I fled into a different room, turned on the TV for a brief moment to find […]

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Dream Journal Page 7.

We begin already hiking along a path. It was a long, winding path that sloped upwards. The path itself went through a green forest-like setting where the good majority of the path was shaded by the various plant life around it. At the end of the path was an ancient-looking round-ish door. My guide of […]

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