My Thoughts on the Pirate101 September 2019 Producer’s Letter.

Recently Kingsisle Entertainment released the September 2019 Producer’s Letter for Pirate101. In it they highlighted upcoming content as well as confirmed things the Pirate101 community already knew. To sum it up: New Obsidian Skeleton Key Bosses in Bonnie Anne & Ratbeard. Defeating them 25 times unlocks them for purchase in the Crowns Shop. Adjusting ship […]

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Costume Corner: Megumin

Hello everyone and welcome to another addition of Costume Corner. Today it’s the Arch Wizard of the Crimson Demon clan that loves the spell Explosion so much that it’s the only one she ever uses despite the fact it always leaves her helpless afterwards. From the KonoSuba universe I present to you Megumin. Gear used: […]

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2019 9/11 Ceremony.

Header image by Pirate101 Central’s HelpfulAuroraParker. Hello and welcome to the thread for the 2019 9/11 Ceremony. This is an event I try to host every year to honor of all those who lost their lives on that tragic day, and every year it was a big success and got a lot of positive feedback […]

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Costume Corner: Joker (Persona 5).

Hello everyone and welcome back to another Costume Corner, a segment where I show off costumes I’ve made in-game. Recently the game Super Smash Bros. Ultimate released its version 3.0 update, which added a new playable DLC character to the game, and that is who this costume is based on. Without further ado, here he […]

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