Housing Showcase: Velvet Room.

Welcome to the Velvet Room. This place exists between dream and reality, mind and matter. The state of this room represents the state of ones heart. Backstory The Velvet Room is a recurring area in the Persona series of games. Though the layout is different for each game (representing the state of the protagonist of […]

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Costume Corner: Darth Vader

Hello and welcome to another edition of Costume Corner where I show off costumes I’ve made in video games. This time it’s a character that’s a fan favorite of many, including my brother. Formerly a famous Jedi before being corrupted, he is a key figure in the Empires army in the Star Wars universe. Clad […]

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Costume Corner: Daren Whisperwind

Hello and welcome back to Costume Corner where I show off costumes I’ve made in-game. This time around the person in question is a rather obscure person, showing up only in two dungeons in Wizard101 (Briskbreeze Tower and The Warehouse) warning players of the cheating bosses within and advising them to bring a team to […]

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Flash Plays Piano Archive.

Just a simple archive for allowing quick access to my piano covers and originals. The songs are listed in alphabetical order and are divided into separate lists for both covers and originals. Covers League of Legends – Curse of the Sad Mummy One Ok Rock – No Scared Skillet – Hero Survive Said the Prophet […]

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