People do care.

If you’re like me then you know that allot of times it can feel like no one cares about what you have to say and that it can just feel pointless to say anything because of it. While this is true for some people, thankfully there are those out there who aren’t like this. Last night I received a Visitor Message on Wizard101 Central that proved just that:

Illusionists kind VM

Reading this post just made my night. It was completely out of the blue and unexpected but in a good way. This also reminded me of a Private Message I got on Pirate101 Central a few years ago:

Sawyerl kind PM

What’s the point in showing these? The point is to show that though it may seem pointless at times to post anything due to the feeling that no one cares about your thoughts or feelings posts like this help prove otherwise, that there are in fact people out there that do want to know more about you and what you like. If we focus on that then there’s a whole new set of doors that get opened to us.

Thank you and have a good night.


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